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Berisuas consortium makes progress at Kortrijk


The International consortium of the Berisuas project held a meeting near the French border in Kortrijk. Goal of the meeting was to exchange knowledge on activities done and to prepare joint  activities. Important future activity is the joint exercise. In this test an unmanned aircraft will gather data of a simulated maritime incident to validate the effect of an increased situational awareness for Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG) of Fire brigades form Belgium and the Netherlands . During the meeting also the future development was intensively discussed, with multiple roadmaps to continue the cooperation and to increase the number of involved parties.

The Kortrijk location was also selected because the Berisuas meeting could be combined with a project presentation at the InfoPol Congress  21-23 of Apri at Kortrijk Xpo. In hall 6 of Kortrijk Expo the Berisuas project presented the results of their joint Research including an enhanced version of the Mobile Ground Station as well a the Unmanned Aircraft System. During the congress “The potential of drones for public-private security purposes” at Wednesday 22 April 2015, both the Belgium Firebrigade Centrum as well a the Dutch company Unmanned Aviation Solutions (UASbv)  presented the Berisuas project.