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The BERISUAS cluster looks at possibilities to use Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for maritime safety to improve operational performance of response teams by delivering vital incident information.

The BERISUAS cluster aim is to increase maritime safety by an improved and safer response, incorporating Unmanned Aircraft technology in the decision making process of the response organizations.

To do so, the BERISUAS cluster includes providing Fire and Rescue Services an additional service and technology capabilities of reducing casualties and economic/environmental damage caused by incidents and to guide the research efforts within European Universities and SME’s active in UAV technology for use in incident response.


First project phase
The main goal of BERISUAS is to investigate and demonstrate the added value and feasibility of using RPAS in maritime incident response. In 2014 Phase 1 has revealed practical and economic feasibility with important safety added value for incident response teams like MIRG-EU. The results of the first project phase can be found in the BERISUAS publication


Second project phase

In 2015 phase 2 will further investigate practical feasibility and added value by having a simulated scenario at sea. The incident will be organized by ‘Veiligheidsregio Zeeland’ together with ‘Brandweer Gent’. Presenting the UAV intelligence intuitively to command centers and translating their request to the UAV operator will be addressed by ‘Ensta Bretagne’. ´Rewin West-Brabant´ supports the overall effort and strengthens the cooperation between the project partners. ‘Unmanned Aviation Solutions’ will arrange a test flight and support the project partners with legislation and UAV safety management.  ‘University of Southampton’ and ‘Delft University of Technology’ will work on RPAS safety systems that are needed to fly beyond line of sight towards incidents at sea.